​​Jubilee Community Church

Where God and People are Loved

Jubilee Christian Development Corporation (JCDC) was incorporated in December of 2002 under the leadership of Pastor Leroy Gill Jr. and Andy Krumsieg as the community development arm of Jubilee Community Church.  In 2003 JCDC completed its first project when it gutted rehabbed 3500 Hebert, a neighborhood home which had been abandoned for over a decade. Many other projects have been completed since then including 4321 N. Grand, a 16,000 square foot commercial facility now the home of Jubilee Community Church.  Over the past 15 years, JCDC has done over 3 million dollars of community development for less than 1.5 million dollars utilizing over 4,000 volunteers.

In 2010, the concept of Jubilee Services and Life Bridge Academy was birthed and in the fall of 2011 we began our work.  Over 100 men have entered our program with many graduating and continuing to grow and live out their responsibilities before God, their families, church and community.  Graduates are now working with Metro St. Louis, the electrical union, a recycling company, self-employed in their own businesses and in ministry among other things.

Jubilee Oasis Urban Farm was initiated in 2018, through JCC’s Project Oasis partnership with MSD Project Clear water retention system.  The creation of a 150,000/gallon cistern will irrigate 1.5 acres of land across the alley from the main Jubilee facility.

Develop the character, skills, and relationships for personal & economic growth…..Become a Partner

We are a professional service company, passionate about serving our customers, with a social mission – transforms lives using work as a classroom to set high standards for personal performance.  We have a triple bottom line – financial, social, and spiritual. Our income is used to train and equip men to do the right thing for themselves, their families, church and community. We operate on the “ladder” principle: As each man reaches up for the next rung of success they reach back to help the next man up.  

Our mission is to deliver world-class service to our customers giving us the opportunity to invest in our employees.  We are responsive to your unique needs and can tailor solutions to meet your circumstances. We don’t simply “sell work,” we provide solutions that address your budget, quality and time constraints.  We recognize our future is based on the relationships we develop through results that delight our customers.

We exist to develop outstanding men of character who are committed to:

Serving customers well

Serving themselves by developing their own character through spiritual development

Serving their family by developing the skills to succeed as a father and husband

Supporting the financial, physical and spiritual needs of their family

Serving God by becoming a leader and influencing others positively

Serving their Community by becoming a role model

Support for JCDC, JS/LBA has come from many individuals and churches who believe in

our mission.  Since the inception of jubilee Services, we have also received a significant

portion of our support through services rendered to customers.   

JCC 501(c) (3) #43-1802480