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What is Life Bridge Academy (LBA)?

Life Bridge Academy is a character and leadership development program designed to build godly, championship men who want to win in life. Men who win in the four-fold life of manhood.

Men who positively impact:

Their family, including their children and their mother

Their Church, where they become givers and not takers

Their community, by setting a positive model of real manhood

Their jobs, by stepping up on the jobs as leaders

The problem is twofold:
We live in a broken world that has produced The Pit of Poverty.

The majority of cultural problems lie at the feet of men.

Our solution:

An eight-week biblically based training program that focuses biblically on manhood issues and corrects them in order for men to recognize the problems within themselves, and how to fix them.
Provide a “Bridge” out of the pit of poverty by developing partnership between the participants, our employer partners, the suburban and urban churches.

These partnerships will result in the following value to Participant:

After initial training experience and often some entry level work, those interested in success in their spiritual life, family life, work life and community, may have an opportunity to move beyond entry level work to a career opportunity.

LBA has multiple strong relationships with companies who offer both high starting pay and commitment to personal growth leading to leadership roles.  These firms are committed to providing internal mentors and allow LBA leaders to freely operate within their workplace to help insure work success.

A strong “Multiple Mentor” model – Outgoing mentorship, training, personal engagement of participants at:

Work – “Business Mentors” and “Peer Mentors”

LBA Training classes – “Father Mentors”, “Peer Mentors”, “Teacher/Mentor”

Church – “Spiritual Mentors”

Family – “Key Influencer Mentor”

Opportunities to grow in responsibility, problem solving skills, and leadership leading to increase in pay, and personal worth.

In the end we desire to build godly, championship men who realize that life is a team sport.  Men need a strong relationship with God, and each other.  In the words of Basketball Coach John Wooden, “The star of the basketball team is the team.  We supersede me.”.

Only in this way can men become hole and live as winners in the lives of their children, become givers in their Churches, role models in their communities and step up on their jobs as leaders all for life.