The focus of this ministry is to help men love and serve God, their families, and each other.  To increase in the knowledge of

                              God, and to develop a holistic experience with God, while holding one another accountable.  To grow and develop a  

                              relationship with God that leads to practical Christian living. Contact: Leroy Gill (314) 533-5400


                              Titus 2 women strive to lead women into a wholesome relationship in their homes and church with Christ, through mentoring, 

                              training, instruction, teaching and encouragement. As we allow the Holy Spirit to teach and lead us to have a holy and

                              reverent life as we impart God’s word and not our own personal beliefs.
                              Contact: Dee Haynes (314) 533-5400

                            The focus of the youth ministry is to help our youth grow strong in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and His word, to build  

                            healthy relationships with each other, and to equip them for the work of the ministry, especially outreach to their peers and to  

                            walk counter culturally to the pressures of the world around them.  They currently need volunteers to plan and assist.

                            Contact: Michael Haynes (314) 533-5400

                            This ministry meets every Sunday morning after the last worship song under the direction of Debbie Krumsieg.  Their focus is  

                            to glorify God by assisting parents of children newborn through sixth grade disciplining their children to know, love, and grow

                            closer to God through the teaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Contact: Debbie Krumsieg (314) 533-5400

                            This ministry greets members and visitors who come into the building.  Greeters distribute bulletins and visitors’ cards,  

                            hymnals, bibles, passing of collection plate, run the microphone during prayer and help to make sure those in attendance have

                            a pleasant experience.  Contact: Pat Huntspon (314) 533-5400

                             The Hospitality ministry acts as an auxiliary of the church and other ministries to assist in areas of need as a support and        

                             provider of care and goodwill gestures to our members, guests and visitors.  Contact: Carole Harris (314) 533-5400

                            The focus of this ministry is to lift up the name of Jesus through songs, praise, worship, and ushering the congregation into the

                            presence of the Lord with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Contact: Donna Gill (314) 533-5400

                             Project Oasis started in 2017 as a collaboration with MSD Project Clear.  It is a 150,000 gallon underground water retention   

                             system built to irrigate JCC’s project Oasis Urban Farm which will begin operation in Spring 2019 providing healthy organic  

                             food and economic enterprise in our neighborhood.  Contact: Andy Krumsieg (314) 533-5400


This ministry is made up of two structures, the Foundation Class and the Discipleship Class:

FOUNDATION CLASS: is designed for new members, those new to the faith and those seeking the basic and fundamentals of being a disciple of Christ.  This class is available on a continuous cycle covering biblical principles, the statement of faith and the church core values of JCC.  

DISCIPLESHIP CLASS: is designed to challenge the members to learn more about Christ obtain a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and become engaged and grow spiritually.


Exegesis is a personal religious or spiritual practice of academic application and studying the Bible.

As Christians, we study the Bible to develop and strengthen our knowledge and understanding concerning biblical principles.  To help us learn what the Bible say about God, Jesus, our future, and to cultivate Christian character.

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